The Art Appreciator

For the collector who wants original art that not only personally affects emotions and sentiments, but is also done to the highest degree of artistic merit with emphasis on the fundamentals of aesthetic principles, at a competitive price.


The Art For You

Art has the power to enhance the decor of the area you place it in. Most importantly, it has the power to enrich your visual life by being reminded of the connection to life, art and nature that you have every time you look at it.


The Art Itself

My products are mainly oil paintings done on high quality linen mounted on tempered fiberboard or birch panels. The linen is then hand-glued to the board and quadruple primed with oil ground for maximum optimal custom feel for me to paint on. It is done with a care that is meant to be appreciated.

Upcoming Shows

March 5, 2017. Christopher Queen Gallery -$1000 Show. Duncans Mills, CA

April 3-8, 2017. Kern County Plein Air. Bakersfield, CA

May 6th, 2017. Two-Person show at Corey Helford Gallery. Los Angeles, CA

Late 2017. Group Show at Rehs Contemporary. NYC, NY.

Upcoming Classes

February 25, 2017. Figure Painting Workshop. Buller Studio, Petaluma, CA.

Studio Visits

I am located in Santa Rosa, California. If you would like to see my art in person, I am frequently at my studio most days. To schedule a studio visit, please email me and we can work a time out!

Featured Products

Painted Roses



Painted Roses

White Wings

$2,650.00 $2,500.00

Painted Roses

Black Jade

$1,725.00 $1,625.00