I just wanted to share with you the two new paintings I have up at Christopher Queen Gallery in Duncans Mills, California. One is completely new, and the others are slightly touched up for the show.

The two paintings with the yellow flowers were based on my amazing detour through the Carrizo Plain on my way back from Bakersfield last month. I wanted to paint these scenes, since they practically paint themselves. Though the original inspiration has been slightly dulled from only having the photoref, I think I was able to still capture some of the feeling of overwhelming color that I saw out there.

“Riot of Gold” 11×14 in. oil on linen mounted on board. 2017. Available.

“Painting The Hills” 6×8 in. oil on linen mounted on board. Sold

I slightly touched this painting up and put a fresh coat of varnish on this painting from Easton last year. It got a good reception at the show.

The show will be up until July. Early summer is a great time to pay a visit to the Sonoma Coast…. Just sayin!

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