Hey guys, it’s time for the annual small works show! Join me this Sunday at the Christopher Queen Gallery if you’re in the area. I think this will be a good show full of lots of new work by the contemporary artists in the gallery. And come on, who cares about the Oscars anyway?? 😛 No judging though.

“Afternoon Stroll” 8×10 in. oil on linen mounted on board.

“Out On Sunday” 9×12 in. oil on linen mounted on board.

“Dying Light” 8×10 in. oil on linen mounted on board.

I’ve been trying to use a different approach to my landscape paintings, and I guess to a certain extent my figures also. Rather than trying to use bold bravura brushwork to render everything, I have been laying shapes down with scrubbed-on rough edges, then coming over them with more solid harder-edge brushwork in certain areas to delineate the forms. These days I am preferring to slowly build up the picture from a nebulous soup of color and tone. It tends to give me more control over how the picture develops, rather than trying to adjust everything after it is layed on with thick paint in the beginning.

I am also enjoying painting structures in my landscape work more than organic forms. There is something about it that I can wrap my head around easier than natural structures such as trees, bushes, etc. I will still work on my weaknesses in plein air work, but I enjoy being able to employ my strengths for gallery work.

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