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painting the figure


module 1: supplies

c: solvents/Clean up

b. Paper towels/cotton rags.

Viva Paper Towels

They are a paper towel that feel a lot like a cotton rag. So it's easily disposable and will do a good job of wiping off paint.

Cotton Rags

I don't use paper towels as much anymore these days. I prefer to use old clothing of mine that I cut up and use as my painting rags. They can be used to clean my palette as well. I am constantly cleaning my brushes as I paint. A cotton rag works just as good if not better than a Viva paper towel and will last you longer. If you don't have a bunch of old shirts laying around, then you just go to any hardware store that has what they call "Bag of Rags." That's basically all they are. They're the same material as t-shirts.