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painting the figure


module 1: supplies

D: brushes

a. Hair types

Hog Bristle

Probably the most common type for oil painting are hog bristle brushes. Trekell company 400 F series, #8. Number 8 is a good all-purpose brush size. This is my number one choice for a bristle brush. With a couple of these, you can do a whole painting; at least of the type that we'll be doing in this course.

Rosemary & Company bristle brush, series 2025, #10. This is a good size for background large applications of color.

Robert Simmons Signet #12. A good alternative if you want to go through one of the large art supply carriers.

Utrecht 209 series, #12. Utrecht makes good economical bristle brushes.

Sizes that I would recommend are 6 8 10 and 12. If you really can only afford a couple of those sizes, 8 and 10.

Nylon Brushes

Rosemary & Co Ivory #10 long flat. They are my favorite white nylon brushes to go with. They are softer than bristles and they have a nice spring to them. That's important for when you're painting and you want to have a consistent shape and stroke to your brush. Nylons tend to splay out a little bit more than then bristle brushes, but the nice thing about these is that they're soft enough for blending transitions.

Winsor Newton Galeria brush. It's a little softer but it still has a good snap. This is also a good brush for blending edges.

Rosemary & Co. Evergreen filbert #4. this is a good brush for blending shapes into each other.

Natural Hair

Rosemary & Co. long flat series 279, size 6. 'Mongoose' hair. They're a great all purpose brush. They make interesting brush strokes with character.

Imitation Natural Hair

Trekell Spectrum series #6. Over a certain size the brush hairs tend to be a little too soft for me; they don't hold their shape quite as well over an inch or so but under that, they're great for so many different applications. They're so versatile. You can do just about anything with them. I highly recommend you getting some brushes of this type.