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painting the figure


module 1: supplies

E: palette Knives and other tools

c. Glass Scraper

Its main use is to clean off my palette with it. I mostly use it when the paint on my palette is either dry or close to dry. You want to scrape the surface at an angle so that you don't purposely scrape your palette and add extra gouges in your surface if you can help it, but as you can see that that's one of the disadvantages of using a plexi surface as a palette. I use it to clean off my palette when I remember to do so at the end of my painting sessions. That will keep your palette nice and clean, but even if you don't remember, when the palette surface is dry and caked with paint, you still use a a glass scraper to clean it to a reasonable surface. It's a very good tool to have and an essential piece of my painting gear.