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painting the figure


module 1: supplies

E: palette Knives and other tools

d. Double palette cup with screw caps.

I have a double palette cup with screw caps. For me, I just got used to having my solvent in the right cup and my medium in the left cup. It basically opens up like a clip and fastens to whatever part of your palette that you feel like. The reason I use palette cups more than the jars is because there's less solvent that gets into the air, which is really the only harmful part of oil painting; that is the solvent. If you're not using it regularly you can cap it and it's easily contained. The less of it that's in the air the better. Having such a small surface area to be inside of means that there's less of it in the air. If you decide that you want to use bigger brushes, then maybe you get a bigger jar so that you can fit larger brushes in there. This is really just for the solvent I use while I'm painting.

My preferred place to put my palette cup is up in the top left corner. As I use my brush it's not in the way, whereas if I had it down on the side it would be in the way of my brush reaching my paint daubs. I recommend having it up and away from anything that will get in the way of accessing your palette.