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painting the figure


module 1: supplies

E: palette Knives and other tools

e. Nitrile gloves

I usually only wear one glove because most of the time the only paint that gets on my skin is while I'm using a rag. As I paint I normally have my right hand holding the brush. For the most part the brush hand never touches any of the paint so I don't normally need to have it gloved. I usually don't get a lot of paint on my painting hand so I don't feel it that necessary to keep my painting hand gloved. It can get in the way of how I like to hold my brush sometimes and it also gets that hand kind of sweaty. Normally as I'm painting I will wipe my brush with a rag, so really the only way that I get paint on my hands would be just handling a rag without a glove on.

Nitrile gloves I like more than latex gloves. They seem to be more hypoallergenic and these are a bit thicker than typical latex gloves as well. You're not as likely to rip them as easily. You can get these gloves at most hardware stores for $15-20 for a box of 100. A box will last you a long time. So it's worth the investment into getting some nitrile gloves if you don't want to get your hands dirty or if you're worried about pigments being on your skin. For the most part you don't have to worry too much about that. The cadmiums are the only thing that you would maybe be wary of having on your hands for a long amount of time. It's just more of a cleanliness thing for me to keep my hands gloved. It makes it easier to be cleaned at the end of the of the painting session, so having some pair of gloves is worth it.