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painting the figure


module 2: Properties of oil paint.

Exercise: Interactions between colors

#1: Mixing with titanium white.

Titanium white is the color that we will use the most of, so it’s important to know how it interacts between the rest of your palette.

  1. Squeeze out a good pile of titanium white, about the size of a silver dollar(just over an inch in diameter) in the middle of your palette

  2. Arrange your other colors in a circle about 2 inches away from the pile of white.

  3. Using your palette knife, pull the white from the center, and one of your colors toward the white, so that they meet in the middle. It’s important that they overlap. Try to gradate it as evenly as possible so that it transitions smoothly between the palette color and titanium white.

Note: You can use a brush too, but a palette knife is easier to fully clean and will therefore not contaminate your mixture as easily as a brush, which can have residual colors in between the hairs.

This will do two things for you:


  1. This will teach you how to manipulate paint with a palette knife, therefore teaching yourself a new tool.

  2. This will teach you what happens when white mixed with your other paints. Titanium white is a strong pigment. You will learn how much/little you need for your mixtures.