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painting the figure


module 2: Properties of oil paint.

Exercise: Interactions between colors

#2: Creating and modifying a flesh-tone base.

Our flesh tone base is going to be yellow ochre + alizarin crimson. This color mixture is the base that many skin tones will come from. Of course, darker/lighter skin will mean different ratios/additional colors, but this is a good starting point.

  1. Create a pile of yellow ochre mixed with alizarin crimson. Optional: Fully mix one part of the pile, and half-mix the other.

  2. Arrange your other colors around your pile just like the first exercise.

  3. Pull the colors out and then in, just like with the first exercise.

Pay attention to these color mixtures. Take pictures if you need to, or better yet, take a scrap canvas/heavy paper and transfer these mixtures for later reference.