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painting the figure


module 2: Properties of oil paint.

optional Exercises

  • Create a color wheel in the same way that you arranged the colors on your palette in the first exercises. This time don’t put any color in the center. Pull opposing colors into each other as a gradiant. Note any interesting color interactions, and make photo reference/diagrams.


  • Create a swatch chart of all of your colors. Make a table that lists each color of your palette. Create a grid that will fit each of your colors on it with ½”x½” squares. For example, for me to fit all of my colors I will make an 18x18 square chart. (324 squares total)

Use your palette knife to mix one color into the other as evenly as possible on your palette. Transfer this mixture with your palette knife as evenly as possible to the corresponding empty square on your chart.

This is very-time consuming but I promise you it will pay off. Not only will you be super-comfortable with using a palette knife, but you will understand every color on your palette intimately and know how it interacts with every other color on your palette. You don’t have to do every single color, but I highly recommend it for your core group of colors.