5x7 inches. Gouache on Yupo paper. 


 I'm doing the Strada Easel Challenge for the month of September 2020!  I've never done one of these 30-day challenges but I'm already doing close to that with my Paint Drips anyway, so what the hey, why not add some accountability to the mix?

I bought some Yupo paper on a whim  because I had never attempted to paint with gouache on it. Man is it difficult! It's like painting oils on Mylar, which is very slippery. There is no ability to layer, either. Any extra water can absolutely destroy what you have underneath. I got to the point where I couldn't use regular gouache and had to switch to white acrylic gouache to add into the rest of my paint. I needed something that wasn't going to be so easily affected by water or paint. I do like the more painterly results (looks a lot like oils doesn't it?) but I don't know how much I actually enjoyed it. Maybe I will look for a more subject that lets me take advantage of the unique properties of this surface and give it another go. It's excellent for lift-off techniques, I think? Have you guys tried Yupo? What do you like/hate about it?

Paint Drip #100 Mini Donuts

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