4.5x7.5 inches. Gouache on toned paper.


Happy Halloween! I would have painted a true sugar skull were I able to find one, but I did really enjoy painting this tin. It's interesting to me how much we in the USA are fascinated with the pagentry and visual symbolism of Halloween. It's basically become it's own aesthetic that we give ourselves permission as a culture to indulge in it only one day a year. I think that's why it's become the most popular holiday among people of my generation and younger. I believe that the art of it is a big reason for its popularity. The rise in popularity of the Dia De Los Muertos aesthetic in recent years is also part of that. A holiday that is usually thought of as dominated by dark colors gets to have bold splashes of the most vibrant colors thanks to the way that the skulls and Catrinas are usually made up. It's not the way I personally grew up celebrating this time of the year, but it's always nice to have a cultural connection to something that has been pretty widely accepted into California's American culture.


I tried to do a little bit different lighting for this painting to heighten the "spookiness" of the scene, as well as setting up a darker backdrop.

Paint Drip #132 Sugar Skull Candy Tin

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