4.5x6 inches. Gouache on Legion watercolor paper.


Phillips Gulch Falls has become Vanessa's and my place together. It was one of our first adventure spots together as a couple, and it's also a very convenient place to get to, as far as the park goes. There is a small waterfall that dumps into the ocean here, so it's well worth a stop on the PCH to check it out if you're inspired.


This was a strange day for sure. 80-degree days in the middle of January aren't unheard of around here, but they are not common either. It being a holiday, we expected the closer beaches to be crowded so wanted to go to this old standby. We were blessed with crazy huge waves! Some of the most dramatic we've seen in a long time. I tried to capture the feeling of the waves and choppy water in my painting, as well as the thick mist created by the waves crashing and flinging water high up in the air.

Paint Drip #152 Salt Point Study 3

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