6x8.5 inches. Gouache on rough watercolor paper.


This was my first time using rough watercolor paper by Arches, and guess what: I freakin' LOVE it! The heavy tooth is exactly what I needed to get the type of subtle edges and layering that I have had a hard time getting in gouache. Dry brushing is also much easier on this paper as you may expect. This may become my go-to paper for plein air landscape painting in gouache.


Vanessa and I were both very tired today but we really thought that we were going to have a great day at the lake if we mustered up the energy to go out there. We were right! It was a wonderfully beautiful day filled with clouds and a great sunset. The only thing was a disturbing amount of wildfire smoke we saw beyond the hills. Can we at least go a half a year without seeing smoke again?? Sheesh!

Paint Drip #153 Lake Sonoma Study 1

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