Continuing the trend of practicing watercolors from my archive of reference, I created these paintings of the model Floofie with a shawl designed by Shovava Clothing. It’s beautifully illustrated and incredibly soft.

I think these paintings marked a turn in how I handle watercolors with these figures. I started getting looser and gained a better understanding of how the wetness of the paper affects edges.

I am releasing these to the public at a price of $250. However, you as a Patreon subscriber at $5 or more can purchase these for $100! 

“Night Owl #1

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“Night Owl #2”

This painting actually isn’t in my web store. It will instead be sent to Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, South Carolina. It will be a pleasure to show a painting there again. I haven’t sent them anything new since 2015. I got a message from Megan at the gallery asking if I would ship it out there for their upcoming watercolors show. Of course I said yes!

“Night Owl #3”

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7x10_ProudBirds_SergioLopez_Night_Owl_4_ forweb
“Night Owl #4”

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